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September 2018
AZ Silent Yoga Community
Seeking Healers, Yogis & Web Help

Awakening Spirit Retreat
I'm Bodhi Heart, 74, and want to "let go and let others." In 2011 I was guided to build Awakening Spirit silent retreat center (click image for website link) on a forest hilltop east of Sedona . Last year, three 'tiny house' hermitages were added for extended retreats and to start a YOGA COMMUNITY named Healing Heart 'sanctuary for soul recovery.'
Healing Heart is now opening for long-term stays. Support is needed: WEBMASTER to co-create a 12-website network, HOST and guest support, and YOGA GUIDE to co-create a 'Silent Yoga' program. Silent Yoga is envisioned as "stillness-in-motion" stretching into freedom to be at ease, and loving who we really are. Positions will be flexible, self-sustaining, and can be either full-time or temporary.
Healing Heart is a 'sanctuary for soul recovery' on a private hilltop in a rural Arizona mountain town. It's a safe forest refuge that offers a chance to live, heal, and share with like-hearted souls, and to help each other awaken in lasting joy and peace. Newly-built TINY HOUSE log cabins include a large studio and two 2-bedroom cabins.  Each is designed with big view windows, aspenwood ceilings, wood stove, and full bath and kitchen.
The website now offers self-guided silent retreats in private hermitage cabins for a basic cost of $100/week and suggested cash or work contributions that vary with cabin choices.  Retreats lengths include 3-night 'First Taste' Sedona hiking weekends, 4-night 'Women's Wellness' weekday retreats, and 'Deep Dive' weekly stays. 'Silent Spirit" will be a network guide for 12 retreat centers from Chile's Patagonia to Alaska.
LONG-TERM stays include a 2-week-minimum work exchange and a 4-week sabbatical offered at half suggested weekly cash contributions.  Four weeks is recommended if you wish to explore opportunities for self-sustaining year-round living. Healers, guides, and support angels can now come on silent retreats and consider long-term stays, and anyone is welcome to relax and recover from life's overwhelms.
Email to inquire about silent retreats, work exchanges, and extended-budget retreat sabbaticals. If you're interested in the healing community, please ask questions because it's all just starting. During my last years, I want to be replaced so that the silent retreats and healing community can continue as places to live in ease and harmony. 

Deepening the Journey
Meditation, Refinement & Peace

Sharon Saltzberg at Eastover
As the holistic conferences and yoga festivities of summer come to an end, we prepare for the reflective quality of the new season. From the solstice onward, Eastover delves into spiritual contemplation and mindfulness meant for "Deepening the Journey" as NY Times bestselling author and spiritual leader Sharon Salzberg and Janice Marturano, Executive Director of the Institute for Mindful Leadership would put it. In a workshop Oct. 4th-7th for meditation practitioners, together they examine the notion of "Leading with Excellence" - working with the challenges and moral uncertainties of our society while connecting to a greater picture that allows for joy and considers with compassion and skill, the isolating quality of leadership.

For 36 days starting October 14th, renowned Qigong master, Junfeng Li, will preside over a Sheng Zhen Meditation & "Healing of the Heart" Retreat for all dedicated spiritual seekers. Sheng Zhen philosophy and Qi cultivation will be thoroughly studied as students discover Sheng Zhen as a source of creativity, inspiration, and a conduit to global and Universal Oneness. Seated, standing, lying meditations, intermittent fasting techniques, healing sounds, and spiritual breathing will be taught and practiced.

In a 5 Day Fall Retreat (Oct. 14th-18th), Grandmaster William C.C. Chen, regarded as one of the finest and most influential internal martial artist of his generation, offers experienced practitioners, "Tai Chi Chuan Refinement". From his vast experience, he shares how practicing discipline and refinement can bring about internal peace, balance, and overall wellness.

Why Hire a Master Certified Retreat Coach?

Certified Master Retreat Coach
A Certified Retreat Coach is trained on how to lead retreats. A "Master" Certified Retreat Coach has had extensive experience leading retreats before she can be called a "master" in her field. Because of the specialized training and experience, a Master Certified Retreat Coach will have a toolbox of activities that can be used to the benefit of the participant.

As someone who has led and participated in well over 100 retreats, I have learned how to enhance the participants retreat experience. The goal of a retreat for a retreat coach is to help that participant achieve their goals for an experience that changes their life. There's no better compliment than to have a participant say, "What I learned during my retreat has significantly changed my outlook in life."
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Visit Teresa Wolf at Soul Discovery on Horseback

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Retreat Events

October 4-9 - Maryville, TN
Myths of Feminine Mystery Retreat, Smoky Mountains

October 5-8 - Naples, NY
Finger Lakes Food and Forest: A Wellness Retreat for Couples

October 10-13 - Sedona, AZ
Shamanic Reiki Retreat

October 12-14 - Maryville, TN
Awaken Your Creative Soul Women's Retreat, Smoky Mountains

October 25-28 - Castle Rock, CO
Anxiety to Joy Retreat

October 26-28 - Austin, TX
18th Annual Texas Yoga Retreat

November 1-4 - San Antonio, TX
The Awakened Journey - San Antonio

November 10-17 - Sedona, AZ
HEALtours with Donna Ballenger

November 10-17 - Springwater, NY
7-Day Retreat with Sandra Gonzalez

November 12-19 - Bali
Wu Tao Dance Instructor Training Retreat

November 25- Dec 2 - Costa Rica
Vegan Adventure Nature Retreat for Vegan Women

December 7-9 - Leyden, MA
Living Courageously: A Brave Path to Rising Strong

January 27 - Feb 3 - Costa Rica
Embracing Joy! Yoga Retreat

February 9-16 - Guatemala
Deep Bliss Yoga Retreat

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Personal Retreats Accommodation

Eupepsia Wellness Retreat Center
- Bland, VA

Healing Heart retreat sanctuary
- Pine, AZ

Leading Fields
- Woodstock, VT

Facility for Rent for Group Retreats

Bowen Island Lodge
- Canada: Bowen Island, BC

Eupepsia Wellness Retreat Center
- Bland, VA

Leading Fields
- Woodstock, VT

SunMountain Center - Yoga and Wellness Retreat Center
- Manitou Springs, CO

Retreat Property for Sale

Be in the TOP 1% of Retreats in the World!
- Costa Rica: Monterrey, San Carlos

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

-Art Monastery- Springfield, VT

-Art Monastery- Springfield, VT

Anxiety to Joy Retreat
Multi-disciplined Transformation

Anxiety to Joy Retreat
Want unreasonable Joy...meaning Joy for No Reason?

You are invited to a warm, transformative, community retreat, which includes delicious gourmet vegetarian meals, a comfortable, safe and breathtaking setting, and practical tools to reduce anxiety and increase joy.

Leaders: Zen Priest Kensho (Len Silverston), Yogacharya, Shakti (Michelle Anne).

Expect: Peace, Consciousness Shift, 1-on-1 Coaching, Yoga, Qigong, Meditation, Scientific Pre/post Measurements

"What worked on this retreat? Everything!" 

1:1 Intimate Fertility Retreat
Helping Infertility Struggles Suck Less!

Fertility Retreat
Bringing intimacy and love back to couples experiencing fertility struggles. The unique PRIVATE weekend retreat has been created specifically to cater to couples who's fertility journey is challenging their relationship. A weekend for two at the relaxing Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary in Texas Hill Country with private coaching. LGBTQ friendly.

Your Soul "Calls"...
and your HEALtour beckons....

Do you crave deeper PURPOSE & MEANING in your life? Ache, for profound change? Please join me in Sedona this Oct. or Nov. on your fall HEALtour, and prepare to live the life of your DREAMS in 2019. *Special Offer* - Book your Fall HEALtour by Sept. 15 and receive a FREE READING by Donna Ballenger (A $299 Value!) See website for details!

Visit HEALtours

Women in Watercolor
5 or 7 Day Conference Retreat

Women in Watercolor Retreat
Using watercolors painted by Sister Doris Klein, CSA, participants will explore the stories of several New Testament women who encountered Jesus at significant  junctures in their life
journeys. We will pray with these women who were tenderly touched by the Holy One and meet the Jesus who, without judgment, can lead us to a place of balance and integration, and healing and wholeness.

Private Marriage/ Couples Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Blue Ridge Mountains, GA
As couples move beyond the "honeymoon" phase, if conflicts are not handled skillfully, emotional wounds mount up, adding one more brick in the wall. We'll heal the wounds, remove the bricks, and build a healthy loving relationship.

More Details

House of the Redeemer
Personal Retreats 

New York, NY
The House is open to all faiths for prayer, meditation and spiritual renewal. We offer morning and evening prayer in our chapel Monday through Friday. The House also offers a unique space for select events and meetings and is conveniently located close to Fifth Avenue and within the "museum mile."

More Details

Joshua Tree Retreat Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Joshua Tree, CA
We accommodate both personal and group retreats, including groups ranging from 15-278 participants indoors. Our center's historic architecture, built and designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and son Lloyd, harmonizes with the natural wonder of the desert landscape. Chefs and kitchens are available for the groups, and we are known for our great food! 

More Details

Mothers Trust Ashram and Retreat 
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Ganges, MI
Individuals and Groups interested in using the Mothers Trust Retreat House (19 beds) for a day or more must first register. Suggested donation for overnight retreats are $35 per person. Walk Interfaith Trails, Labyrinth, two miles from Lake Michigan.

More Details

SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats
Personal Retreats 

Sedona, AZ
Our programs include both private one-on-one intensives that are offered year round, as well as affordable small group retreats offered on predetermined dates. Our approach is both holistic and non-sectarian. 

More Details

San Diego Spiritual Retreat Center
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

Julian, CA
Our Retreat Center is a wellspring for all who love meditation, attuning to Spirit, Yoga and Holistic Health. Also space for groups up to 15.

More Details

The New Dawn Foundation
Personal Retreats & Center for Rent

New Rochelle, NY
Located directly on the water of Long Island Sound just 30 minutes by commuter train from Grand Central Station in New York City. We offer ongoing scheduled events, rooms for rent to individuals seeking sanctuary, and entire facility rentals for groups for workshops, trainings, spiritual gatherings and retreats.

More Details

Red Mountain Cottages
Personal Retreats

Bisbee, AZ
Two fully-furnished cottages with full kitchen and bath in the high desert of Southeast Arizona, ideal as retreat space. Let the sound of silence, the clean fresh air and mountain vistas revive and restore your spirit. 

More Details

Sedona Wellness Retreat
Personal Retreats 

Sedona, AZ
The perfect quiet, comfortable retreat setting for anyone considering making changes to their health, diet, and general lifestyle.  We provide a great cleansing experience using fresh organic fruits, vegetables and juices. Organic Meals. Private Rooms & Bathrooms. Doctor Monitored Educational & Therapeutic Program.

More Details

Center for Rent

Swan Lake, NY
Located less than 2 hours north west of New York City in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. Our facility encompasses over 300 acres with numerous lighted sports fields and indoor facilities for groups up to 2000.

More Details

Flaget Retreat Center
Center for Rent

Louisville, KY
We provide a modestly priced, relaxing spiritual and private space for meetings and retreats. We can accommodate multiple groups of up to 300 people at a time. Located in a residential area and only fifteen minutes from Louisville Airport.

More Details

Sonoran Desert Conference Cntr
Center for Rent

Ajo, AZ
One-of-a-kind hospitality that engages visitors in the rich culture of the Southwest. We are located in the heart of the spectacular Sonoran Desert. We work with groups and individuals to plan retreats, workshops and conferences, providing accommodations, meals, and a menu of authentic cultural, artistic, scientific and outdoor adventures.

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